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Der Af (Oya Lélé)

The latest release from Kris Kross Amsterdam is 'Der Af (Oya Lélé)'. This song, in collaboration with Donnie and Roxeanne Hazes, was specially written for the TV show 'Tulpen uit Antwerpen', which was broadcasted on Play4 in Belgium.

Currently, Jordy and Sander can also be seen on Dutch television due to their participation in 'De Verraders'. Will the brothers be loyal or traitors? You can find out every Friday at 8pm on RTL 4 or every Saturday on Videoland.


After the success of 'Vluchtstrook', Kris Kross Amsterdam continued with their follow-up hit 'Vanavond (Uit m'n Bol)'. Through a successful collaboration with Donnie and Tino Martin, the trio managed to score a true pub hit. The song is well on its way to a double platinum status and is still being sung loudly in every pub and at every party.

Furthermore in 2022, the trio released 'Adrenaline', a collaboration with Ronnie Flex and Zoë Tauran. The song quickly landed in the Single Top 100 of the Dutch and Flemish charts, and achieved a platinum status in The Netherlands.

The year couldn't have been any better, but it actually got even better for Kris Kross Amsterdam. They managed to end the year in a special way by not only winning the Top 40 Award for Best National DJ Act 2022, but also by achieving the title of most streamed song of the year with 'Vluchtstrook'.

Early In The Morning

Kris Kross Amsterdam are extremely busy this year! With their hit  ‘Early in the Morning’, the guys bring a stunning song with a fresh look, together with Shaggy & Conor Maynard.

2021 was also the year in which 'Vluchtstrook', recorded in collaboration with Antoon and Sigourney K, saw the light of day. This song turned out to be a huge success and is currently at over 65 million streams, earning it a triple platinum status in the Netherlands.

Loop Niet Weg!

KKA brought out three different singles 2020; ‘Loop Niet Weg’ featuring Tino Martin and Emma Heesters. This song has over 30 million streams and went to number 3 of the single top 100. KKA also released the song ‘Mij Niet Eens gezien’ with Lil Kleine and Yade Lauren. This single went to number 4 on the single top 100 and went gold on September 10th 2020. This song reached 1 million streams within four days. KKA also released the song ‘Donderdag’ with Bilal Wahib and Emma Heesters. This track also reached the golden status. The song ‘Moment’ went platinum twice in 2020 and ‘Ik sta jou beter’ went platinum once.

1 billion streams

Kris Kross Amsterdam and Nielson released the track 'Ik Sta Jou Beter'. They achieved 1 billion streams on Spotify and collected 5 platinum awards. The single 'Hij Is Van Mij' achieved more than 80 million streams, making it the most streamed track in The Netherlands. KKA were nominated three times for the best group / band of the year, and for their songs 'Ik Sta Jou Beter' and 'Moment'. In addition, KKA performed at Lowlands Festival, and had a major performance in Tokyo and overseas.


KKA released the song 'Hij Is Van Mij' with Maan, Tabitha and Bizzey. The single went to number 1 in the top 100 of the year, was the biggest and most streamed hit in Holland. KKA also released the song 'Whenever' featuring The Boy Next Door and Conor Maynard. On November 8, 2018, this track went platinum, and reached more than 300 million streams. KKA had a major performance in Indonesia and they played at Ultra in Bali, Korea, Singapore and Beijing. They also performed at Amsterdam Open Air.

Sex, Sex & Sex

Kris Kross Amsterdam won a Buma award with the single 'SEX' on March 6, 2017. This year was also the Asia Tour of KKA, where they toured through Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, at Sea and Thailand. The song 'SEX' went platinum in the UK on September 28, 2017.


Hit single “Are You Sure” was recognized nationally and internationally and was in the charts for more than 10 weeks. In addition to continuously creating music, the boys were certainly not idle. Shows were booked all over the world and they traveled country to country, performing festival after festival.

New Record Label

In 2015, Kris Kross Amsterdam signed with the record label Spinnin’ Records and their debut single “Until the Morning” with CHOCO quickly followed. This was the start of a stream of releases in the coming months, leading to hits in The Netherlands and worldwide.

Start of great successes

With already a few years of experience and many parties later, Jordy and Sander decided to add a third person to their act in 2014. Until then, they had made an impact on the Amsterdam club scene as a duo, but in 2014 MC Yuki Kempees joined the group. Yuki had several creative projects to his name and with his love for music, his contribution to KKA works seamlessly. From this moment on, the three can no longer be thought of separately, and great successes follow from this.